Loading zone signage hobart
Loading zone signage hobart

According to Hobart City Council’s website anyone can use a loading zone as long as the

  • Name suburb and phone number
  • Name and street address

are “permanently displayed by non magnetic means” on the right hand side of the vehicle. (Read their full rules and regulations on Parking Permits here.)

Right. That’s nice and easy! Smart Signs Hobart can easily help you out organizing your Loading Zone Signage to stick on your car so you can start utilizing those convenient parking spaces straight away.

Whether you want to include your logo asĀ  in the examples above, simply want small black lettering just to have it sorted or want to seize the opportunity to incorporate a more elaborate design that goes further than just the minimum requirements, we can do it all!

Contact us anytime for a FREE quote, no matter how big or small the Loading Zone Signage is that you require.